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3 Common Vap Issues You May meet

Have you ever used Eleaf kits like iStick TC 40W Simple Pack ,and when people vaping , there are come commen questions that you can do fix them !


Lots of problems than cause leaks, from devices not being screwed on properly, to your tank being overfilled, so check these two things first. Another common culprit is the possibility of having cracked your tank, which will mean it's time for a new one. Lucky for you, we've got plenty vape tanks to choose from!

Not Enough Throat Hit:

PG is the element of the e-liquid that gives a great hit, and if you're not satisfied, you may need more PG in your juice. Check the PG/ VG ratio. If you'e certain it's not the liquid, it may be time to upgrade to a more advanced device.

Not Enough Flavor:
30,000 different e-liquid flavors (you know, our selection) is more than enough to satisfy the picky tastes of most demanding vapers, so start exploring your options! However, if you think it's an actual issue with your device, blow on your cartomizer. This can work to get the liquid flowing. If that doesn't work, consider that you may have Vaper's Tongue. Tip: Drink LOTS of water.

Have you ever neet such questions? If next it come to you , have you prepared for it?  good lucky for you !

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