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What's new about Lost Vape Grus 100W Mod?

 Lost Vape make very good devices, particularly known for high quality and not as well known for tanks and rebuildable.


Housing a battery as large as a 21700 does mean you compensate on portability but with a Zinc Alloy frame, USB Type-C Charge port, a large colour OLED display and a large enough 510 plate on top to fit a 30mm atomiser.

The GRUS comes in quite a few styles and the mixture of chassis finishes and side panels really give a different look to each.

The colour screen is bright enough for most users but a bit too dull for outdoors. The layout is really nice and very sharp which is ideal for older eyes.

The mod body is smooth and fairly scratch-resistant, and on either side of the device is a slim panel which in my case is real carbon fibre. The Grus is quite tall for a single battery mod, but more surprising is the weight.

It isn't heavy, but it is weighty' and solid in the hand.


With the limited 100w output, the Grus seems to offer you a race car, with a moped engine, but for the most part, 100 watts is plenty. It’s just for some who may like to vape at over 100 watts every day, they just wont get the power they need.

Even if a maximum of 100 watts is enough, a single 21700 battery wont last very long when used at 100 watts.

However, the GRUS has quite limited functionality, there’s no preheat, smart wattage, or TC tuning which makes the GRUS pretty basic all in all, but it is a vast improvement on the Gemini Pod/Mod which is VW only. For most users that simply vape in wattage only, then the GRUS will suit you fine.

Here are the basic steps for operation:

Device On – 5 click of Fire Button

Device Off – 5 Clicks of Fire button, then Centre Button

Change Power Mode – 1 Click of Centre button highlights Power Mode

Up Button – Voltage/Wattage/Temperature Up

Down Button – Voltage/Wattage/Temperature  Down

Up & Centre Button – Locks adjustment buttons. Will Still fire.

Press & Hold Centre Button – Change display colour.

Despite any shortcomings, I really do like the GRUS. The fact this can take up to 30mm atomiser yet being limited to 100 watts because it's a single 21700 device really restricts this device. Hence the markdown in the ‘Design’ category. Apart from that, the Lost Vape Grus is top-notch.

Price:  The lowest price of Lost Vape Grus 100W Mod with Code: LVG


18650, 20700 and 21700 battery options

Looks quirky and stylish

Solid quality construction

Up to 30mm at 510 connector

Simple navigation

Clear Display


Houses a 30mm at no problem


Limited TC fine-tuning

Basic functionality

Fiddly old-school battery fitting

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