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The two modes of Vsticking Vksma SMA ADA !


Material                  Brass + PP
Coil Resistance 0.3ohm Ni211 Ni-Mn alloy coil, 1,0ohm SS316
Working Modes AUTO MODE + DIY MODE

Vksma SMA ADA is designed for VKsma Kit. 

It is an auto dripping atomizer and holds 3ml e-juice capacity. Vksma SMA has two working modes: Auto mode and DIY mode. The auto mode is common-mode as most of the tanks in the market. While the DIY mode is special for it supports Rebuildable Coils in SMI DIY ADA and automates the e-liquid to the ADA & return of excess to the tank with Leak-free with precise e-liquid control! Sounds great, right?

Besides, SMA ADA Tank is suit for two types of coil: 0.3ohm Ni211 Ni-Mn alloy coil and 1.0ohm SS316 coil to meet your different needs. Frankly speaking, it will bring you an unforgettable vaping experience. It has 2pcs in each pack.

Price: $5.6 Vsticking Vksma SMA ADA ( at Sourcemore)
          Compared it with $6.99  at 3fvape

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