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View On Coilart Mino Pod Kit

When all the manufacturers are releasing the pod kits to occupy the market, the Coilart also released one pod kit to join the battle. Today, I am going to share you the new Coilart Mino Pod kit.

The items come with a white package. The Mino pod kit has five colors available. Unliking the color on the package, the pod kit adopts the youth colors. What I got is black.

The packing for the kit. Mino with 320mAh built-in battery with the common magnet for connection. It is a re-filling cartridge. There is a juice bottle in the packing list. With the max 13W output wattage, it supports one day vaping for common vapers.

There is a narrow down flat design for the drip tip. It charges with USB port with 60min from the official. Above on the “Mino” logo, there is a LED indicator light to show the battery volume with different colors. The white means 40%, Yellow is 20-40% and Red is less than 20% for recharging.

The cartridge and the battery are so tight as other vape pods. After combination, there is a light gas to match the ohm settings. From the images, we will get the battery is thick, which is sinewy. It is only 49g.

Most cartridges on the market is a cotton coil and ceramics coil. The Mino adopts the old fashioned textile rope for juice conduction with 1.8ohm. There are leaking and burning caused by one week to run out of life. The flavor for the textile rope is a little different from the ceramics coils.

The inhaling resistance is not tight. It is loose than most MTL vaping pod kit. The clouds are denser than most pod kit. The flavor for the Mino is mild, which is suitable for the heavy juice.

We talked about the mild flavor experience, but it cannot be treated to judge the kit.  No matter it is cotton, ceramics or textile coil. They will generate a different flavor experience because of the coil personality.

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