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What Will You Get from Damn Vape Dread RDA 24mm

Are you looking for Damn Vape Dread RDA? Tired of the common RDA Atomizer, Damn Vape brings us a new feeling. This RDA allows us to use a dual coil, and a single coil is also available. The honeycomb airflow ring gives this device a better air flow. We are free to control the amount of air intake we want to control the production and temperature of the vapor.

The Lolly Tool is a highlight of this device. It can wrap the wire into a "circling" shaped coil. We don't need to worry about cotton getting through the coil. Now, wrap the cotton around the coil, and you can use it. The air will be in better contact with the coil through the side air inlets.

This is also why its vaping effect is so shocking. The packaging of Damn Vape also made me very satisfied. The scratch-resistant package protects the device very well and looks more professional. Awesome. If you like it too, let's take a look at What’s in the Damn Vape Dread RDA package:

A Damn Vape Dread RDA Atomizer 24mm
A User Manual (please read the user manual carefully before use to ensure a better vaping experience)
A Lolly Tool (using it, we can rebuild the coiled-coil)
Two Lolly Coil
An Accessory Bag

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