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Open Box Video | Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit with Touch Screen

Aspire is an e-cigarette brand that everyone knows. It is best known for its Starter Kit. Aspire's products are loved by everyone, especially the recently introduced vape kit with Touch Screen. Yes, I want to share with you the SkyStar Revvo Kit from Aspire.

What is it? This is a versatile touch screen kit. Easy-to-use is what I want to say the most. On this device, we have a touch screen and every setting is simple. Now, we only need to click on the screen to switch the output mode, adjust the output power, adjust the temperature, and so on. All manipulations are made easy. When we don't need to use the display, we can also turn it off, but we can continue to use the fire button.

After removing the all buttons, SkyStart Revvo showed us the design aesthetics, and its smooth edges gave us a better touch. The innovative Revvo tank is another highlight of this product. It not only optimizes the e-juice atomization process, but also allows us to add e-juice without removing anything. The new Aspire Radial coil uses a disc-shaped coil shape to make the e-juice heating area larger, allowing the vapor experience to be upgraded again. Are you curious about what it is like, let's take a look at Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit reviews video.

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