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Ultron’s glory-----the new product of Ultron team is coming soon

When talking about Ultron, What do you think about it? The Corolla atomizer which ranks among the top sellers, or the ARES host . An leader of an era. But it has been in the past. and history has entered a new era after memory these products.

After several months of study, The new posters of Ultron team have been released, Although we can not read the story behind the product from the poster in the new Logo , but  the meaning that look at the clouds in the sky arrogantly and innovation can be made In the new era still unchanged.

Due to the team's creators have a good secret work. Before the product came out, We didn't see the new products in our communication with  the Ultron team. But in the eyes of most players, Ultron's name have closely link with the stable wood product.

As a team who designing and manufacturing e-cigarette has always consider for the players. We give a highly evaluation for the Ultron team  in the past, but how to go a smooth way and how to create outstanding works that accord with each new era is still a problem that the original team need to resolve.
At the same time ,When we Waiting for Ultron team can give us a satisfactory answer. We will also have a High expectations on the new product, There are many e-cigarettes players whose enthusiasm to a domestic industry, and our support for outstanding original team.

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