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The Analysis of The Top Ten E-cigarettes Brands

More and more people are placing emphasis on the second-hand smoke. And at the same time, the governments of all countries have been strictly controlling the policy of quitting smoking. Smoking was prohibited in many public places. Then what can those who have curving for tobacco do? E-cigarettes alleviate this kind of situation. By simulating traditional cigarettes to produce smokes, e-cigarettes can ensure users’ healthy breath. However, there are dozens of brands of e-cigarettes with completely different prices in nowadays market while the function of e-cigarettes is the same, which makes consumers upset.

Many consumers choose to search for the top ten brands of e-cigarettes on the internet. However, the results are varied, so we can’t justify which one is more authorized, official and more systematic. The expert on e-cigarettes Hao Yikang published the rather systematic top ten Hope it can provide you references and help.
The top one: Hao Yikang E-cigarettes
Originating from the international professional brand of e-cigarettes in Germany -- e-cigarettes of Hao Yikang adopt the most reliable German seiko technology. And its products have the world's most advanced nano-anti bacterial atomization core, which is the bright point of Hao Yikang. Besides the function and quality, Hao Yikang also builds up a service system of EU-standard, aiming at serving the whole world. The service equipment reached a high level and its products take up a big market share.

The top two: YVX E-cigarettes
YVX aims at developing smart e-cigarette series and delicate e-cigarette series. They aim to provide consumers with more healthy and intelligent life of high quality, environmental protection, smart e-cigarette design and fine e-cigarette design. Originating from American innovating spirits, YUX lead intellectualized industry of e-cigarettes and provide customers with complete service of e-cigarettes products, which is centered on healthy and environmental-friendly technology. They aim to become the most excellent way of life all over the world.

The top three: UYD
UYD is one of the first companies to study on e-cigarette research and development. It takes an absolute leading position in e-cigarette industry internationally. Its products were popular in the countries of the Europe, America and Southeast Asia in the last century. Its technology and number of patents are advanced in the world. Its products aim at the middle and high market.

The top four: SMOK
SMOK, a famous brand in China, holds the belief that quality is equal to the price. SMOK proves that the high expense of their customers on their products are worthy from design, materials and production to sales and after-sale service.

The top five: OVALE
OVALE is an up-raising star in e-cigarette industry. It earned a market share by its amazing developing ability. With the development of intelligence, e-cigarettes must be a tread in the future. And OVALE has a unique superiority in this part.

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