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MHRA of Britain approving the legalization of e-cigarette as medicine

Attitudes towards e-cigarettes vary all around the world. Some resist,some remain mute, and also people who regard e-cigarettes as the alternative of traditional cigarettes think e-cigarettes can help addicts quit smoking. While a license issued by MHRA recently recognized e-cigarettes as medicine in the UK.It means that e-cigarette can appear in the prescription authorized by NHS in the near future.

E-Voke made by BAT (British American Tobacco) is the product authorized by MHRA,And doctors may take it into prescription as a smoke-quitting aid.

In the long run,as an auxiliary equipment against smoking,e-Voke can, to some extent, make a great savings for NHS.While in the UK,e-cigarettes will not be covered by medical insurance until the related products have been proved worthwhile and be launched with relevant instruction.

Recognition from experts of MHRA,though,the safety supervision is still a headache. Still, WHO forbids the use of e-cigarettes in room.
Just weeks ago, a thesis posted on Oral Oncology by a Canadian researcher said that e-cigarettes are not safer than the traditional tobacco products. Although e-cigarettes avoid the substances produced in the process when cigarette is burning,the nicotine absorbed by users via atomizer can also destroy DNA and cause cancer.Tim Ballard from RCGP(Royal College of General Practitioners) stated that they will never allow e-cigarettes in any prescriptions till the safety and the effectiveness are backed by enough evidences.

In terms of the safety of e-cigarettes,an independent review report released by British Public Health System last year,in which e-cigarettes are 95 per cent safer than the traditional ones.Yet the spokesman of BMH(British Ministry of Health) stressed,to have a good health,smokers had better to quit smoking rather than use e-cigarettes as an alternative.

One hundred thousand deaths caused by tobacco products,and which also account for 80 per cent of the cases of lung cancer,oral cancer and throat cancer,etc. Quitting smoking and keeping cigarettes under control are the most important methods of improving nationals’ health conditions.And the most effective way of regulating smoking is keeping away from the origin of tobacco products.

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