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Eleaf MELO RT 25 Atomizer User Manual

How to use
1. Drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the coil to make it fully saturated before first use;
2. Screw the atomizer head onto the atomizer base tightly;
3. Put the glass tube on, and screw the top cap with mouthpiece on;
4. Push the retractable top open, slowly fill e-liquid into the tank through the hole, and then close the retractable top after filling;
5. The airflow can be adjusted by rotating the airflow control ring on the atomizer base; 
6. Finally the Eleaf MELO RT 25 Atomizer is ready to use. 

Function of 510 Mouthpiece Adapter: the mouthpiece adapter enables to put a normal 510 mouthpiece on the MELO RT 25. 
1. Remove the mouthpiece of the MELO RT 25; 
2. Put the 510 mouthpiece adapter on the top cap of MELO RT 25; 
3. Finally put a 510 mouthpiece on. 

Function of ER Head Adapter: the adapter enables the ER head to be compatible with the MELO RT 25 as well. 
1. Unscrew the ERL/ERLQ Head from the atomizer base; 
2. Screw the ER Head adapter onto the ER Head tightly; 
3. Screw the ER Head with the adapter onto the atomizer base tightly; 
4. Finally assemble other parts together. 

1. Please keep out of reach of children. 
2. This product is not recommended for use by young people, non-smokers, pregnant or breast-feeding women, or persons who are allergic/sensitive to nicotine. 

1. Do not attempt to repair the product by yourself as damage or personal injury may occur. 
2. Do not leave the product in high temperature or damp conditions, otherwise it may be damaged. 
3. Do not use this product for other purposes except only for vaping and don’t swallow the e-liquid. 

Possible Adverse Effects 
1. This product may be hazardous to health and contains nicotine which is addictive.
2. For people with adverse reaction after using this product, it is recommended to use the e-liquid with lower nicotine content or no nicotine.

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