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The best seller of SMOK OSUB Plus Kit

Are you waiting for the best e-cigarette? We have long been expecting it which proves to be a satisfactory comprehensively. And now I present to you the prominent OSUB Plus Kit released by SMOK, which is recognized as the blockbuster of this year. It is the best seller with the largest sales figures and best comments.

It is renowned for its perfect combination of enjoyable taste and considerable cloud. It is said to be capable of providing an analogical flavor to real cigarette, satisfying the taste of a heavy smoker. Meanwhile, the powerful 80w capacity (adjustable) can provide the largest amount of cloud. It is also highlighted that the kit is equipped with a heat insulation cigarette holder, reducing the possibility of overheat. Besides, it has the prevention from overheat and short circuit. And what's more surprising about it is that it supports five modes of special effect at your choice. Adorned with an USB connector, you can update the programs and the kit itself.

As for the atomizer, it adopts the top oil injection with a transparent filing tank, eliminating the possibility of potential damage to the core. What's more, the OSUB Plus Kit is furnished with a 3300mAh built-in battery, lasting for more than 3 days when you are out on a journey.

If you fancy the favorable taste and satisfying longevity, the OSUB Plus Kit of SMOK is definitely your first choice. It can help you reduce your dependence on the real cigarette to some extent and give you the similar flavor to the real ones. If you place an order now, you will get an additional adorable sticker and TFV8 BIG BABY SET, the best-functional atomizer. It is so attractive that it certainly deserves to be in your pockets!

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