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What about the small amount of smoke produced by electronic cigarettes? How to solve?

In the use of electronic cigarettes, when you find that your vape emits less and less smoke,what should you do?

What about the low smoke output of electronic cigarettes?

1. electronic cigarette battery.
Check the electronic cigarette battery and see whether it is in low power state. if smoking when the battery light flashes several electronic cigarettes (most types of electricity shortage will flash, that it need to be charged), usually with LED lamp battery once red when it said electricity.

2. The shortage of oil atomizer
To ensure that the electronic smoke is enough for the support of the normal work of the oil atomization, if it is just for the atomization of the core, to check for the existence of liquid smoke enough; (atomizer: cotton core with cotton core must be completely soaked by nicotine; atomizer other forms such as Kang Cheng ceramic atomizer electronic cigarette products, to ensure that smoke can completely submerged oil suction hole).

3. battery fault.
when the electronic cigarette is in use, the LED lamp lights, if LED is not bright, trying to make a fast action of smoking, to observe whether LED light. If not, try changing the battery. A battery replacement results electronic cigarette smoke volume is normal, this is the battery is defective, try to knock thbattery, the battery has a battery can stay, manual button: press the button if you have LED electronic lighting, if it is flashing, you may need to charge the battery.

4. atomizer fault.
If one or two batteries are replaced, there is still no smoke, which indicates the problem of atomizer. Try to use another atomizer to observe whether the smoke is normal; if the smoke is normal after changing the atomizer, it is indicated that the atomizer used before is defective. If you use the nebulizer, you can try to clean the atomizer, if it is a new atomizer, it is likely to be atomizer failure.

How to solve the problem of small amount of smoke in electronic smoke maker?

A method for solving the electronic smoke smoke quantity is small, we believe that when using the electronic cigarettes, often encountered with electronic smoke smoke volume is too small, or no smoke, so today Green rhyme what little secret for everyone how to solve the electronic smoke with smoke volume small problem.

We should solve the following three problems when we encounter the situation that the smoke of the electronic cigarette is less or no smoke:

1. If it is pure quality problems, so is the regular factory, let people to return to the warranty, now the electronic cigarette is neither illegal nor legal products, is a state of suspension, so customer service is very attentive service, as long as the regular manufacturers such as Green rhyme, health electronic cigarette etc. and you enter the official website, you can talk with each other online, their attitude is very satisfactory.

2. If it is used for a period of time if there is a problem, that is the electronic cigarette itself have quality problems, if you buy is formal manufacturers, general commitment to each other for one year warranty, long-term buy oil customers, is a lifetime warranty or replacement.

3. In general, a smoke because with the manufacturers vary, but at least is the nicotine content of a pack of cigarettes, so if you kept on sucking down, nicotine poisoning death, this is a very dangerous thing, probably continuously sucked thirty tobacco can kill an adult. If it is a smoke suction for a period of time and then suck on the trouble, this is a normal phenomenon, because the electronic cigarette manufacturers are protective, to prevent excessive smoking.

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