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Fall in love with fruit flavor - ICE PINEAPPLE BEER E-JUICE REVIEW

It's been second half of 2017, it is still in full swing in the E-cigarette market. Especial in the E-Juice market, there are numerous E-juice products that make it hard for people to choose from. And there are many different E-juice flavors spring up which attracts consumers keep trying. This E-juice wants to have its place in the E-liquid field. Today, I'm going to share with you a staple of fruity drinks which is ICE PINEAPPLE BEER E-juice, please have a look at it.

Its standpoint can be clearly stated from the stickers on the packaging: Pineapple and Beer dress in grass skirt dancing in a summer beach. On the corner of the label noted that the capacity is 60ml with 3mg nicotine and 30% PG/ 70% VG. It proves that this is an E-liquid product tends to use RDA. Removing the sealed package and opening the cap, you can smell a strong scent of pineapple and beer. A lot of people love the drink that made from a blend of fruit and beer. Beer doesn't have the kind of soft and strong like wine and rum but gives people a feeling of simple and light. After a while, the beer smell faded away only leave the sweet scent of pineapple.

When inhaling the smoke into the mouth, you will first feel the cooling which is just right and one thing is sure that it leaves user a sensual experience. When exhaling the smoke, the cooling disappears but a quiet and natural flavor of pineapple and beer keep moistening all the tongue buds until all is out. It's not greasy because the sweet scent you first smell will soon be cover by the E-juice's cooling. This comfortable but not that excited freshness makes this product more smoke-able. Then the flavor of pineapple and beer keep all the way to the end which is the secret making people keep inhaling and exhaling. This pure blends of fruit and beer suits for those people who want to be early adopters. I believe you will feel the joyful and exciting experience if taking the first step.

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