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You Should Know The Difference Between A Mechanical Mod And A Regulated Mod

If you are just new to the vaping vape, in face of millions of vapes, you may get quite confused by all of them. Here you should make it clear that almost every vape can be roughly classified into two types in terms of its function: the mechanical mod and the regulated mods.

Mechanical devices just send the unadjusted (“raw”) battery voltage to your atomizer and don’t have a minimum allowable resistance or any other safety features. If you attach a really low ohm coil to a mechanical mod without a suitable battery, nothing will stop the flow of power that could stress the battery to the point of failure. Many people prefer this one, however, comparing to the regulated mods, it is less safer. So for beginner, it is not advisable for them to choose the mechanical box.  Examples of mechanical box: Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25

Regulated mods generally allow you to adjust the wattage (and/or directly adjust the voltage) or just operate at a fixed voltage. They also have safety features, including minimum resistances, maximum currents, cut-offs if you’re continuously firing for too long, high internal temperature cut-offs and more. Modern regulated devices do everything a mechanical mod can but take safety into account for you, rather than expecting you to do it on your own. Examples like: Eleaf iStick Pico25 Kit,  Kanger iKen Kit...

Having known the differences between the two kinds of mods, you can make your choice now!

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