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Are You Familiar With The Slang Used By Vapers

If you are new to the world of vape, you may get confused by many slang used by expert vapers. To avoid being so embarrassed, before entering the vaping world, it is necessary for you to get yourself familiar with some commonly-used one! Here let's get started with the"Squonk box"

That's vaping enthusiast slang for a bottom-feeder mod that uses a special RDA with an open channel in the shaft of the 510 connection. Rather than dripping e-liquid onto the RDA’s coils from the top, liquid is held in a plastic bottle inside the mod, which has a cutout on the side to allow pressing the bottle, which then forces e-liquid up into the RDA to saturate the coils. Basically, it’s dripping without the hassle.

Examples of squonk box: the Kanger Dripbox and Eleaf Pico Squeeze! Isn't it interesting? If you wanna know more slang for vapes, follow our blog and we'll update more and you can also share yours with us!

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