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How TO Use Mutipurpose Lemon ?

The acid in lemons has antiseptic properties, and the fruit has a famously fresh scent, making it a natural solution for your household chores. Save money by using lemon to replace costly cleaning products.
1. Kill microwave smells. Fill a heat-resistant bowl with water and half a lemon and zap for five minutes.
2. Bust dust particles. Mix 10 drops lemon oil, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and a few drops olive oil in a spray bottle. Spray onto surfaces; wipe with a cotton flannel cloth.
3. Attack a stain. Add ½ cup lemon juice to a load of white laundry, then let dry in the sun.
4. Polish wood. If it's varnished: Add a few drops of lemon to ½ cup warm water. Spray onto a slightly damp cotton cloth and wipe furniture. If it's unvarnished: Mix 2 teaspoons each of olive oil and lemon juice. Apply to a soft cotton cloth. Use wide strokes to distribute evenly.
5. Clean in the bathroom. Put lemon juice on a sponge and wipe shower doors to remove soap scum.
6. Sparkle and shine. This natural bleach and disinfectant cleans brass and copper. Sprinkle salt over half a lemon, rub it over the metal, then wash clean.
7. Refresh cutting boards. If your wood or plastic cutting board has picked up odors, rub a half a lemon over the surface and wash clean.
8. Remove fishy odors from hands. Hands can smell a bit funky after cooking fish. Wash hands with the squeeze of a lemon and follow with hand soap.
9. Deodorize your garbage disposal. Brighten up your garbage disposal once a month with discarded lemon peels for a citrusy scent.
10. Remove rust. Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of salt to make a rust removing paste.
11. Freshen up your vaccum. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to your vaccum to make the air smell clean.
12. Cut grease. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to your dishwasher detergent to help fight grease during a wash cycle.

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