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Don't Go To The Gym Can Alao Have A Flat Belly

See small belly bulge heap more more, but don't have time to exercise?It doesn't matter, lose weight from hot global programme "The Biggest Loser" fitness coach Kim Lyons, and well-known, m.d.Ph.D. Judith Reichman numerous experts taught us some simple methods, such as, as long as pay attention in our daily life, even if they don't go to The gym and also can let you have a flat stomach.
Tighten your stomach
Kim Lyons said: "the time to tighten your stomach can not only change the size on the vision, and in this process, your muscle is tight, is conducive to burn more calories", she explained, "especially after dinner, if you need to sit down to work immediately, and often so, tighten abdominal can also prevent because the gravity of the food and the lower abdomen to highlight".

Supplement the metabolic improver
M.d., Ph.D., C.W. Randolph think, add some metabolic improver to keep abdomen flat, he said: "the glucose acid metabolism of calcium and vitamin B are very good promote material, they can inhibit fat accumulation, to keep the lower abdomen flat".

Let oneself can keep a good mood
Professor Judith Reichman tells us: "when you're tired, depression, depressed, your body will produce large amounts of cortisol, the body for sexual response, stress will be a lot of fat accumulation around the abdominal organs to protect organs".In short, if long time in negative emotion, abdominal obesity was easy to find.

Supply some water as much as possible
Lack of water can lead to metabolism disorder.Kim Lyons coach told us, lack of water, the body will have more than four pounds of metabolic waste retention, so if you want to lose weight, or flat, keep the abdomen that at least once a day need to drink more than 60 ounces of water or other low-calorie beverage liquid.

Prolonged you chew
"If you eat too fast, that you eat in a large number of air goes into the stomach at the same time, increase the risk of stomach", Judith professor Reichman said: "eating too fast will also increase the stomach burden, cause can't digest".So he suggested that, for the sake of the body and health at least want to chew each bite of food more than 10 to 12.

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