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Do You Know What To DrinK For Hydration ?

We need liquid for living and we drink water everyday. About 20% of our liquid intake comes from foods, especially fruits and vegetables, which contain water. "Every time we eat, we get fluids,” McDermott says.Water is the best way to stay hydrated from beverages, he says.
Coffee, tea, soda, juice, milk and other drinks you consume during the day count toward your daily fluid intake, but they may not be as thirst-quenching as water.
That’s because coffee, tea and some soft drinks contain caffeine, which are mild diuretics, causing you to urinate.

Include that cold beer on a hot day, but beware: Alcohol is also a diuretic, and drinking too much may leave you feeling thirsty, not quenched.For easy workouts, replenishing with plain water is fine.But for intensive workouts – such as training for a marathon – consider a sports drink.That’s because when you sweat, you use electrolytes, salts and minerals that conduct electrical impulses in the body.Sports drinks are made to replace those losses.

In fact, a 2010 New Zealand study showed that sports drinks taste better the more unbalanced your electrolyte levels get.
You would need very intense exercise that uses enough of your electrolytes need a sports drink,"Rolls says. "If running a marathon, it doesn't hurt.”For those who don't run marathons, sports drinks will do no harm, but water is still better, Rolls says.

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