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Secret for you to have beautiful hands

Secret for you to have beautiful hands, that is just successfully Paint Nails with Your Non-Dominant Hands.

Paint Nails
Once you've settled on the perfect nail polish color and are ready to take a DIY manicure into your own hands — literally — painting gone wrong is the last thing anyone wants to happen. We're talking about that point in the process when one hand is fully painted and looks great, but then it's time to move on to the “other” hand, the non-dominant one. This painting problem plagues us all, but a few tricks is all it takes to steady that hand to make both sets of nails look equally gorgeous. We have some tips, including the use of our favorite tool, to wipe away your painting dilemma, so that you can have a professional-looking manicure.
  • Paint in sections. This diagram is the perfect guideline for perfecting the art of painting a nail. Instead of using one large swipe to try to cover the whole nail, working in smaller sections will help with getting a perfect and even application.
  • Use small amounts of polish. When you're painting nails in small sections, using less lacquer is key to making that technique work for you. Use less polish on the brush than you normally would, so that excess product doesn't take over your cuticles or surrounding skin. Less is more plus painting a second or third coat is better than starting all over.
  • Be patient. Don't rush to start painting, apply a second coat or a top coat. Wait for each coat of paint to dry about 80 percent before layering on the next. By doing this, your next coating will go on smoothly and evenly.
  • Clean up edges. Tiny mistakes are bound to happen until you get the hang of it. In the meantime, use an old angled brush and dip it in remover to clean up any paint that is not on the bed of the nail. 
  • Invest in a tool. Julep's Plié Wand is a $25 splurge that has been worth every cent since we got our hands on it. The long, ergonomic handle bends, so that it can rest in between the thumb and index finger to give the non-dominant hand the balance and leverage it needs to paint easily. The results speak for themselves — seriously.

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