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6 Mistakes you make when trying to build muscle

It can be disappointing when you are trying to lift weights and train your body, but you just do not see the results you want. Than others in the gym or have you figured out your arms should be passed, weight loss programs and now the extra relaxation of your muscles may still seem insignificant. If this is you, you may make one of these errors:

Error 1: Closed too

We all need a break between sets, but the rest for too long will reduce your heart rate and your muscles from the refueling stop your body. It's recommended that you rest between sets of 30-90 seconds. However, this may be too long, if you are a plurality of muscle groups of the training time. A time to focus on the muscles and give it no more than 30 seconds rest between each set to see more and better benefits.

Error 2: Use only free weights

Although I use free weights supporters, the truth is often best to use cables and cam machines and free weights. For example, one of the best sports your lats is the wide grip pull-down, which requires a machine. Stick with the free weight compound exercises, and are willing to mix up a variety of machines and free weights, to get the best muscle activation for each exercise.

Error 3: Consistency

Consistency is a good thing in training, but never changed anything with your workout will lead to stagnation and a fitness plateau. If you want something really kicked into high gear, switch things frequently. Your body gets used to the exercise four to six weeks, so change your scope of representation, in order to keep your muscles guessing.

Error 4: Not enough set

It depends on the scope of your work on behalf of every muscle and muscle groups require different numbers of units.

Your quadriceps, chest and back are most needed, and your abdomen, forearm, leg and require minimal. Your triceps requires more attention than your biceps, and your lower back should be higher than the sides of the body worked harder.

Your goal should be two or three days between 8-10 sets per exercise every muscle and training. This will push your muscles need, but still allows you to recover.

Error 5: Too many hearts

Although the heart is a great fat burning, it can not serve as an effective muscle building. It only uses the energy your muscles need glucose, but it may actually reduce muscle tissue metabolism as well. Center point is important, but if muscle building is your ultimate goal, you should limit the amount of heart and what you do.

Stick with three or four steady, fast weight loss low-intensity exercise per week, or two or three high exercise intensity.

Error 6: eating enough

This is what many lifters made ​​a mistake, even though the fact that they eat more than normal. Increased food intake is designed to improve your workout during the amount of energy available, but that does not mean that long should eat for a whole day - or whatever you want.

You should eat more protein and healthy fats, and carbohydrates to keep you at normal levels. Carbohydrates will not give you long-term energy for you to build muscle, it will only increase your intake of protein and fat.

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