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The woman spring detoxification inside to outside do healthy women

The human body with the food intake, will deposit it more and more toxins, toxin Many a little make a mickle. will bring physiological diseases. Toxin will bring about not only the physiological disease, also is the thin face, complexion is not good. Then the detoxification is very important! Especially pay attention to appearance woman! Want to often detoxification health woman! Look at Xiaobian finishing detoxification of food, not only delicious and detoxification, satisfy both sides!

The first is the corn, in one study association of the German nutrition and health, in all staple foods, nutritional value and health effects of corn is the highest. The vitamin content of corn is very high, a lot of magnesium rich can enhance intestinal peristalsis, and promote the excretion of body wastes, development of magnesium on the other hand can inhibit cancer cells, plays a very important role in the body. The corn of seven "anti agent" contains can delay aging, good products and corn is breast oh!
The second is the mung bean, in the TV series, we will often see with mung bean soup detoxification, this can not be made up, Xiaobian tell you this is a fact. Mung bean contains rich pancreatic protease inhibitor, can protect liver, reduce protein decomposition, protect the kidney. And to have a consistent effect on staphylococcal and some virus, a heat clearing and detoxifying, desiccant diuresis, detoxification of oh woman is good food!

Finally, oats, oat belongs to a class of coarse grains, but rich in crude protein, vitamin B and other important nutrients. Oat has characteristics of high protein low carbohydrate, soluble fiber rich and insoluble fiber can absorb the body cholesterol and out of the body, can delay gastric emptying. Oats also huachangtongbian, to larger volume of manure, water increased, play a detoxification laxative effect, but also detoxification weapon oh!

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