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Six fat Food, eat a stunning figure

MM don't have to do the tedious exercise, without dieting, you can easily thin out the sexy figure, interested in the MM rushed over to have a look for 6 kinds of fat Food recommend.
Food: Seaweed Cellulite
Vitamin A and vitamin B, seaweed contains, there are many minerals and cellulose, is effective in regulating body fluid balance, if MM wanted to lose weight easily, thin out the sexy figure, then don't miss delicious seaweed.
Fat Food: kiwi fruit
The cellulose content in kiwi fruit is particularly rich, especially the content of vitamin C is particularly rich, it is the function of the decomposition of fat rate, to avoid excess fat so that the legs thicker.
Fat Food: spinach
Spinach has a role in promoting blood circulation, can make blood circulation route is more active, but also the fresh oxygen and oxygen delivery legs, so leg skin dry skin, wrinkles appear earlier. At the same time, but also can eliminate the facial edema, make you easy to thin out the bones of dark, in order to achieve the effect of thin face.
Fat Food: papaya
Don't underestimate the papaya Oh, it can make the legs more skinny fat, because, Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes, pectin composition also has the function of regulating the stomach.
Fat Food: Celery
Contains a lot of cellulose with adhesive properties of calcium carbonate, human body can easily accommodate, add legs need calcium, but also contains abundant Potassium, prevent the phenomenon of lower body edema.
Fat Food: Red Bean
Containing soda acid, can accelerate gastrointestinal digestion, reduce constipation, accelerate voiding, wipe out the swollen heart or kidney disease caused by. It also contains cellulose, help the body excrete waste matter, fat. Often edible ormosia can thin leg.

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