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With the end of Daylight Savings Time

With the end of Daylight Savings Time, Green Smoke customers have something more to look forward to besides an extra hour of sleep. To mark this annual practice, the leading brand of electronic cigarettes is also offering them extra savings on all orders placed online - 20% off e-cig kits and 15% off cartomizers (including the 12- and 16-pack), batteries, and accessories.

This exclusive promotion runs only from November 3-4. For more details on how to take advantage of the site-wide savings, customers can check out the Green Smoke and place their order with coupon code FALLBACK.

According to Green Smoke, over 3.5 million smokers have now switched to its e-cigs. Among the reasons company officials cite for this phenomenon: its wide variety of flavor options and nicotine levels, advanced FlavorMax™ technology that boosts flavor and increases smoke volume, award-winning customer service and generous warranty policies, as well as ongoing savings opportunities such as this promotion.

Product Marketing Manager Aliza Bleier said, “We take every opportunity to help smokers enjoy the authentic and matchless smoking experience that Green Smoke® e-cigs are known for. At this time, for example, as clocks fall back one hour, our prices fall back too. We encourage customers to enjoy not just the extra hour that they have, but also the extra savings in e-cig kits, cartomizers, batteries, chargers, adapters, USB cigarettes, carrying cases and other accessories. Great time to stock up, folks.”

According to, the company, Green Smoke offers a smokeless, odorless, and ash-less alternative to traditional cigarettes with taste, quality, and the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere.

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