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A lot of people try to lose weight

A lot of people try to lose weight with diet and exercise. Unfortunately, they find it really difficult to stick to a diet or a grueling exercise schedule for long enough to lose weight.

Most of such people end up gaining more weight when they get back to their normal eating habits. This is called the rebound effect.

One of the finest weight loss supplements that can help lose weight even without diet or exercise is green coffee.

Research has shown that green coffee contains chlorogenic acid or GCA that is known to:
- Enhance metabolism and boost fat burning in the body

- Regulate blood sugar levels in the body. By slowing down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, it helps prevent fat accumulation since it is excess sugar that is stored as fat in the body.
- Suppresses appetite
- Detoxifies body

This four-fold effect makes green coffee an excellent fat buster.

According to a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, subjects were able to lose 17.5 pounds each on an average in 22 weeks with green coffee supplementation. The most extraordinary noted during the trial was that none of the subjects were allowed to change their diet or exercise routine during the trial period.

Green coffee diet pills are in huge demand and some of them have been getting stupendous reviews.

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