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Six types of people are bound to die prematurely

1, people who are procrastinated
People who are procrastinated are usually forgetful and lack of goals in one's career. Over 20 studies have confirmed that people with good self-discipline and self-organization live 2 to 4 years longer than those who are weak-willed. Researchers think that people who have good control over themselves are not likely to form the bad habit of smoking and drinking, so they tend to live longer.

2, people who always feels anxious and nervous
Anxiety is the nervous emotion when one senses the coming of unfavorable situations. A study including 1800 men and 30 years of investigation shows that people who easily get fidgety are most likely to sooth and calm themselves through smoking . But this short time of ease and relief is not worthwhile compared with the long-term effect that the cigarettes exert on human body.

3, people who are endurable and melancholic
For some people, when they meet with something unpleasant, they tend to suppress the depression,humiliation, the grief and indignation in the bottom of the heart. This kind of people are at a disadvantage in social occasions. Their physical condition will also worsen because of their characters. Research shows that, this kind of people tend to suffer from peripheral artery disease and there is more likelihood of premature death. The reason is that they are more likely to be influenced by the negative emotions and neglect the feelings of happiness.

4, people who splits hairs
People who likes to split hairs are usually calculating and won't give up till they attained the goals. Such people are prone to great achievements in the scientific research area. However, if they always calculate on small trifles, it'll be harmful to their mental health and accelerate the process of aging. They should think things over from different perspectives.

5, people who tend to be suspicious and jealous
People who tend to be suspicious and jealous usually have bad performance in interpersonal relationship . They are prone to loneliness, depression and scare. Those who are in serious case will have the delusion of being persecuted. Researches show that people who have animus and excessive caution in dealing with people will be under greater pressure, resulting in the sharp increase of a certain kind of protein which is closely tied with heart disease and diabetes.

6, people who are irritated easily
Each time when a person loses the temper, there will be a layer on the heart being torn and increase the burden of the body. Many cases in our daily also remind us that diseases like stroke and myocardial infarction, etc are mostly because of being angry, or burdening great pressure. Generally speaking, there is no absolute good or bad about one's character. The key point is to keep our mood cheered up so that we can have prolonged life.
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